Canon Selphy CP1200 Setup


How to set up Canon selphy cp1200 printer?


Power Connection And Preferences Setup On Canon SELPHY CP1200 Printer:

How To Prepare And Install The Ink Cassette?

Printing Images On Canon SELPHY CP1200 Printer:

How To Install And Load Paper On The Input Cassette?

  • Make sure the size of the paper that you are going to load matches the size of the cassette.
  • First, open the outer glossy-sided cover and then the inner cover.
  • Load a photo paper on the paper cassette.
  • It is possible to load up to 18 sheets in the input cassette.
  • Overloading may cause malfunctioning of the printer.
  • Situate the photo paper with the glossy side facing up.
  • Check and remove the protective paper sheets in between the photo paper before loading into the input cassette.
  • While printing on a postcard, load the postcard paper with the stamp facing down.
  • After loading the paper into the input cassette, close the inner lid firmly until it fixes.
  • Let the output cover remain open when the printing is in progress.

Install The Canon App:

  • Make sure the smartphone is active.
  • Turn on the mobile data on the smart device.
  • Connect to either Google Play Store on your Android mobile or App Store on iOS device.
  • Search for Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app and install it.
  • If you are using Windows RT device, search for the dedicated app on the Windows store and download it.

Prepare Your SELPHY Printer:

  • In case you already inserted any memory card or USB flash drives into the SELPHY printer, eject them from it.
  • Load paper into the input cassette and fix the cassette into the SELPHY printer.

Access Into The Settings Menu:

  • Press the Settings symbol on the printer’s LCD screen.
  • Use the UP and DOWN keys to navigate on the printer’s operation panel.
  • Navigate on the printer’s LCD screen and detect the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Select the Connection Settings option.

Printer Name:

  • Check whether the printer name is displayed correctly and then press the OK button.
  • Press the Edit button to edit the printer name as you wish.
  • Select the Connection method:
  • When the printer prompts to select the Connection method, press the Direct Connection.
  • Press OK to save the connection option.

Connect The Printer To A Smartphone:

  • Disable the mobile data network on your smartphone.
  • Reach Wi-Fi Settings on your smartphone settings app and select the network name displayed on the printer.
  • Provide the password in the Password field and click Connect to the Printer.

Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY Printer:

  • Launch the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY printer application.
  • Select the image that you need to print and click Print.
  • Do not disturb the printer until the printing process completes.

How To Print Via AirPrint On Canon SELPHY CP1200 Printer?

  • Make sure the iOS device such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad supports AirPrint.
  • If your iOS device does not support the AirPrint feature, update the iOS to the latest version and then try again.
  • Open a picture using the Image Viewer application on your iOS device.
  • Tap the Share icon.
  • Touch the Print icon.
  • When the Print Settings tab opens up, select the printer name and then choose the number of copies that you need to print.
  • Click PRINT again to start printing.

WPS Setup On Canon SELPHY CP1200 Printer:

  • Ensure that the network router or access point is turned on.
  • Connect it to a network modem or Local Area Network to access high-speed internet.
  • Check and remove the external hard drives that are connected to the printer.
  • Install the input cassette loaded with the paper into the printer.
  • Place the ink cassette into the appropriate slot into the SELPHY printer.
  • Navigate to the Wi-Fi settings on the Settings menu.
  • Select the Connection Settings option and then press OK.
  • Check and edit the printer name as per your requirement.
  • Select Via Wi-Fi Network as the Connection method and then press OK.
  • Select WPS connection as the access point connection method and press OK.
  • Choose the PBC method under WPS connection and select OK.
  • Move to the access point or network router and hold the WPS button for a few seconds.
  • The printer now connects to the router or access point’s wireless network.

Wireless Setup On Canon SELPHY CP1200 Printer Via A Non-WPS Router:

  • Turn on the router and make sure it is ready for network communication.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu on the printer panel.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi Settings menu and press OK.
  • Select the Connection Settings and then select the OK button.
  • Select the Printer name that displays on the LCD screen.
  • Select the Via Wi-Fi Network option under the Connection method.
  • The SELPHY printer starts searching for the nearby router’s network.
  • Select the appropriate network name and then press OK.
  • When the LCD prompts to enter the password, type the password to associate with the network.
  • Click OK. The SELPHY printer recognizes the password and connects to the network.
  • Ensure the Wi-Fi signal strength is high. If the signal is low, place the SELPHY printer closer to the router device.
  • Now the SELPHY printer is successfully connected to the network.

Canon Selphy MB5420 Troubleshooting

  • Pair the Canon SELPHY printer CP1200 with the router’s Wi-Fi network.
  • Pair your computer to the same router network.
  • Access on your web browser.
  • Pick the appropriate country or region from where you bought the SELPHY printer.
  • Follow the messages that appear on the screen and take corrective action to get into the driver download page.
  • Click the Download link for downloading the driver.
  • When the driver file is successfully downloaded on your computer, double-click the .exe file to start the installation.
  • Go with the instructions shown on the screen to complete the installation process.
  • Proceed with the instructions if the User Account Control window is shown on the computer screen.
  • When the installation process prompts you to select a Connection Method, click Wireless Network and then click Next.
  • Choose the printer on which you need to connect to and click Next.
  • Now the driver is successfully installed on your computer.
  • Press the Settings button on the LCD of your SELPHY printer.
  • Press the UP and Down arrow keys to navigate to the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Select the OK button.
  • Locate the Reset Settings option and then press OK.
  • Assure your intent by selecting the OK option.
  • Make sure the Canon SELPHY printer is turned on.
  • Check whether the input and ink cassettes are correctly loaded.
  • Ensure that the ink sheet on the cartridge is taut.
  • Use only the paper that is specially designed for the Canon SELPHY printer.
  • Replace the empty ink cassette with a new one.
  • Reload the photo paper on the input cassette when it runs out.
  • Ensure that you are using an appropriate combination of paper, ink cassette, and paper cassettes.
  • If you are printing using USB or any flash drive, check if the external drives are properly inserted.
  • Check whether the SELPHY printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Make sure your printer is not offline.
  • Make sure you have installed the printer driver properly.
  • Check whether you have installed the most recent version of the driver software.
  • Check if the access point or router network provides high-speed internet connection.
  • When connected via Wi-Fi network, make sure you have connected both your computer and printer to the same router or access point network.
  • If you are using the USB connection, make sure to connect the Canon SELPHY printer to the computer via USB cable.
  • Check and confirm that the printer is not offline. If so, then bring the SELPHY printer to the online state.
  • In Mac OS computer, add your computer to the printer while installing the driver software.
  • Add the SELPHY printer to the device list on your computer and set it as the default printer.
  • Never place the Wi-Fi signal interference such as microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, or other equipment near or between the router and printer.
  • Make sure the router provides Wi-Fi signal in the 2.4GHz band range.
  • To connect devices like Camera or Smartphone, choose the Direct Connection method.
  • To connect the devices wirelessly, select the connection method as Via Wi-Fi Network.
  • Make sure the access point is ready for the network communication before connecting the SELPHY printer to the network.
  • If the printer displays multiple communication channels or access points after searching for the network, choose the appropriate network name or use WPS setup.
  • Enter the password correctly to connect to the access point or router network.
  • Make sure the access point or router network’s channel is between 1 and 11.
  • It is recommended to specify the channel manually instead of selecting auto channel assignment.
  • In Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) network without the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), change the IP address manually.
  • If you could not print even after connecting to the wireless network, eject the memory cards or USB that is connected to the printer.
  • Check if you have installed the printer driver on your Windows or Mac OS computer.
  • If the printing process takes too long, check the signal strength on the printer.
  • If the connection issue persists even after trying out all the steps, then get help from the manufacturer to resolve the issue.
  • If you load photo paper more than the limit on the input cassette, paper jam issue may occur.
  • Detach the input cassette from the printer when the LCD screen shows paper jam error.
  • Try to pull the jammed photo paper out slowly.
  • If the printer fails to does not eject the paper, then turn the printer off and later on.
  • Repeat the above-stated step until the paper ejects properly.
  • Do not attempt to remove the paper with force that may tend to damage the printer.
  • If you could not resolve the paper jam issue, reach the Canon Service Center to address the issue.

The Canon SELPHY CP1200 printer can print without the power supply from an electrical outlet. To access this feature, you need to purchase Battery Pack NB-CP2LH which is sold separately in the market. Follow the simple steps provided below to know how to fix the battery on the SELPHY printer.

  • Press the button down to remove the battery pack mounting cover from the side of the printer.
  • Remove the battery terminal cover.
  • Plug both the terminal end into the appropriate jack on the printer.
  • When the power supply is connected, the charging process starts instantly.
  • The charging process takes about four hours at room temperature.
  • Plug the power cable out and start printing on the SELPHY printer.
  • You can print up to 54 sheets of postcard-size paper using the fully charged battery.
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