Canon Pixma TS702 Setup Guidance

Canon Pixma TS702 setup is a compact home-office printer that can perform fast printing at high speed. It is known for its large paper capacity and high yield ink tanks. You can directly print from the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The Smartphone Copy and the Canon Print app can enable quick printing and scanning.

Canon Pixma TS702 setup

Canon Pixma TS702 Printer Unboxing Guide

Unbox Pixma TS702 Printer

Canon Pixma TS702 Printer Download

Canon Pixma TS702 Driver

The printer must be configured on your computer before you can access it. It is essential that the driver is updated, secure and compatible with your operating system.

Canon Pixma TS702 Manual

The Canon Pixma TS702 setup user manual comprises all the information about the printer and the manufacturer. The instructions for performing the printer functions, and utilizing all the supported features are provided along with suitable pictures with the ease of understanding. You can search for a piece of information unlike the manual wherein you have to keep flipping the pages and search for a document.

How to Install Canon Pixma TS702 Driver?

Go to the manufacturer’s site, and provide your printer model. Click the Driver and Software menu.Select the full feature software in order to access all the printer functions. Click the Download button next to the software.The file saves with the .dmg extension on Mac, and with the .exe extension on Windows.

Install Canon Pixma TS702 Driver

Canon Pixma TS702 Driver Installation

How to Connect Canon Pixma TS702 Printer?

How do I Connect my Canon Pixma TS702 Printer Wirelessly?

How to Print Photos in Pixma TS702?

Canon Pixma TS702 Printer Ink Tank Assistance

How to Print Labels on Disc from a Computer?

Guide: Canon Pixma TS 702 Paper Jam

How to fix Pixma TS702 Printer Prints Blurred Images?

  • Make sure the print media loaded into the printer is compatible with your printer.
  • Remove the paper stack from the tray, align the stack, and re-insert it.
  • Press the Setup button on the operation panel, and select Maintenance.
  • Scroll to select the Nozzle check option, and press OK.
  • Wait for the Canon Pixma TS702 setup to print a pattern on the sheet.
  • Examine the pattern. If you see any missing lines on the top or white streaks on the pattern below, proceed to clean the printhead.
  • Select the Cleaning option from the Maintenance menu, and print the nozzle pattern again.
  • Perform a deeper printhead cleaning if the pattern is still not correct.

How to Use IJ Network Setup Utility for Pixma TS702?

Canon Pixma TS702 Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

  • $ Error 1300: paper jam while feeding paper from the input tray
  • Pull the paper from the output slot or rear tray.
  • Re-insert the paper and press OK on the control panel. Try to print.
  • $Error: 1302: paper jam in the cassette.
  • Remove the cassette from the printer, and discard any jammed paper slowly using both your hands.
  • Load the paper in the cassette properly, and reinsert it into the printer.
  • $Error: 1304: A paper jam occurs while performing Automatic duplexing.
  • Remove the cassette and the stack of paper inside.
  • Reload the paper into the cassette, and reinsert the cassette into the printer.
  • $Error 1313: paper jam caused as the printer pulled the paper into it again.
  • Clear any jammed paper in the output slot, rear tray and the rear of the printer.
  • If the paper is jammed inside the printer, raise the top cover, and check for paper jams.
  • If the paper is stuck under the printhead holder, move the holder to the side and remove the paper using both your hands.
  • Ensure that there are no paper bits left inside the printer, and close the top cover.
  • Check the power cord connecting the printer to the power source.
  • Replace the cord if it is damaged or not functioning.
  • Ensure that the power source to which the Canon Pixma TS702 setup is connected functions well.
  • Press the Setup button on the operation panel, and select ECO settings.
  • Press OK after ensuring that EnergySaveSettings is displayed.
  • Select the Auto power off option and then select OK again.
  • Disable the feature, and choose OK.
  • To disable the settings of the computer, launch the Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool, and disable the Auto Power option.
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