Canon Pixma MG6822 Setup Assistance

Canon Pixma MG6822 is an advanced Wireless Inkjet Printer that ensures excellent performance. Canon Pixma MG6822 Setup has a built-in Wi-Fi that makes printing easier.

Canon Pixma MG6822 Setup

Canon Pixma MG6822 Printer Unboxing Guide

Unbox Canon MG6822 Printer

Unwrap Setup

Unwrap the Canon Pixma MG6822 setup from the box and place it on a flat surface. Avoid placing it in a dusty location where the temperature is too high. Do not place the machine near any radiating objects like television, oven, etc. Open the Ink Tank Access door and remove the tape from inside the device.

Initial Settings Of The Printer

Insert the power cord of the adapter into the rear of the machine. Link the other end of the cord to the adapter. Now, plug the Power cord into an Electric Socket. Press the ON button located on the top of the printer. The initial settings page opens. Choose your desired language, Country/Region, and Date/Time. The following instructions will be displayed in the language you choose.

How to Load Paper in Canon Pixma MG6822?

Load plain or photo paper into the machine in such a way that it does not cause any jams while you print. Follow the steps below to load the paper perfectly.

How to Install Ink Tank in Canon MG6822 Printer?

Do the below mentioned procedure to install the Ink Tank in the Printer.

Canon Pixma MG6822 Setup Ink Tank

How to Connect Canon Pixma MG6822 Printer to Computer?

How to Connect Canon Pixma MG6822 Printer to Network?

How to Align Printhead in Canon Pixma MG6822 Printer?

You need to get an A4 or Letter-Sized plain paper that is clean on both sides to align the printhead of the Canon Pixma MG6822 setup.

Canon Pixma MG6822 Printhead Alignment

Canon Pixma MG6822 Printer Functions Guide

How to Print from Windows using Pixma MG6822 Printer?

Follow the steps mentioned below to print using the Canon Pixma MG 6822 printer.

How to Print from Mac using Pixma MG6822 Printer?

A simple procedure to perform printing on a MAC OS is as follows.

How to Perform Duplex Printing on Canon MG6822?

You can follow the steps below to perform the Duplex Printing.

How to Print in Canon Pixma MG6822 from iPhone?

How to Scan in Canon Pixma MG6822?

Perform the steps below to scan using the Canon Pixma MG6822 setup.

  • Place the item to be scanned on the scanner platen.
  • Open the IJ Scan Utility from the Start Menu of your PC.
  • Select the Settings option.
  • "Set" the size of the paper, resolution, and other settings in the Print dialog box.
  • Click the "OK button" once the Setting is completed.
  • Select the Document option and the printer starts to scan the Original.

How to Copy in Canon Pixma MG6822?

How to Print Photos from a Computer?

How to Print in Pixma MG6822 from Android Phone?

Canon Pixma MG6822 Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

  • Check if the printer is plugged in securely.
  • Check if your Canon Pixma MG6822 setup and computer are connected properly.
  • Keep the Paper Output Tray open.
  • Ensure that the Paper Settings match the information that you have provided for the Cassette.
  • Erase the unnecessary print jobs.
  • Try restarting your computer

If your PC or Smartphone cannot communicate with the Printer, check the following.

  • Verify that the Machine is turned on.
  • Check if the Wi-Fi icon is displayed on the screen.
  • Verify whether the Network Settings of the Machine and PC are Compatible.
  • Verify if the Network Settings of the router and your Computer are compatible.
  • Do not place the machine far away from the Router.
  • Ensure that there is Radio Wave Interference.reset the Canon Pixma MG6822 setup and try to print.
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