Complete Canon Pixma MG6620 Setup Guide

Canon Pixma MG6620 is one of the top-notch printers who’s features meet the client’s expectation. The Canon Pixma MG6620 setup provides solutions to aid your business with efficiency and productivity. You can print, scan, and copy with Canon Pixma MG6620 and accomplish all your necessary tasks for your office

Canon Pixma MG6620 Setup

Canon Pixma MG6620 printer unboxing guide

Unbox the Pixma MG6620 Printer

Canon Pixma MG6620 Printer Download Guide

Canon Pixma MG6620 Driver Download

The driver is a device that builds a connection between the system and the printer. The device forms a communication channel between the printer and the computer.

Canon Pixma MG6620 Manual Download

The manual contains all the information regarding the printer. You can use the manual to troubleshoot in case of any error.

Canon Pixma MG6620 Ink Cartridge Assistance

Guide: Canon Pixma MG6620 Ink Refill

How to Check Ink Level on Canon Pixma MG6620?

Canon Pixma MG6620 Printer Connection

Canon Pixma MG6620 Wireless Setup

Canon Pixma MG6620 USB Setup

Canon Pixma MG6620 WPS Button

The WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) allows you to connect your devices to a secure wireless network. The SSID or network key is not required for this method. You can connect your Canon Pixma MG6620 to your home network if you have a router that supports WPS.

Canon Pixma MG6620 Mobile Printing Guide

Mobile printing is the process through which the printer can be accessed by the mobile. The process involved is quite simple; you need to install the canon app on your mobile. The Canon Pixma MG6620 setup and the mobile should be connected to the same network. You can now send images from your mobile which can be printed wirelessly.

Canon Pixma MG6620 AirPrint Setup

Canon Pixma MG6620 offers AirPrint features. The AirPrint allows you to access the printer from your I Phones. Follow the procedures given below to Airprint your document.

Canon Pixma MG6620 Cloud Print Setup

Google Cloud Printer enables you can print your documents from wherever you are with your Canon Pixma MG6620 printer. Follow the instructions given below to print your document with Google air print.

Canon Pixma MG6620 Printer Functions

How to Print on Canon MG6620 Priner?

How to Scan on Canon Pixma MG6620?

How to Reset Canon Printer MG6620 Printer?

  • Switch ON your Canon Pixma MG6620 setup.
  • Make sure your system is connected to the printer.
  • Open the menu.
  • Search for Device Settings and press OK.
  • Choose Reset settings
  • Click the OK button.
  • The reset process is initiated.
  • Wait till the process gets completed.
Reset Canon Printer MG6620

Canon Pixma MG6620 Setup Troubleshooting Guide

There can be a circumstance when your printer will not be working correctly. This is caused due to some error in your printer. Some of the basic errors can be resolved by yourself. The process of fixing these errors is known as troubleshooting. You have to refer the manual for the corresponding error code. The manual has all the required information regarding the printer. Follow the instructions given in the manual to rectify the errors.

The error code b203 mainly appears when there is a fault in windows registry entry or corruption in the Operating system. The error code usually appears when there are some errors with the operating system.

  • Turn off your printer and open the front cover where the ink tank is present.
  • Now switch ON the Canon Pixma MG6620 setup and make sure the ink head starts to move. Then close the front cover.
  • Wait for some time till the usual menu is back.
  • Search for Maintenance Settings.
  • Select the auto head alignment.
  • Follow all the instruction and take a test printout when the process is completed.
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