Complete Canon Pixma MG3020 Setup Guide

Canon Pixma MG3020 Setup

How to Set Up Canon Pixma MG3020 Printer?

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Canon Pixma MG3020 Printer Function

How to Copy on Canon Pixma MG3020?

How to Print on Canon Pixma MG3020?

How to Scan on Canon Pixma MG3020?

Steps: Canon Pixma MG3020 Reset

  • To restore the Canon Pixma MG3020 setup to factory defaults, press the Stop button on the operation panel and hold it until the Alarm flashes 17 times.
  • The network settings will be initialized.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the printer driver.
  • Alternately, try performing a power reset.
  • Plug out the power cable from the printer and wall outlet.
  • Reconnect the cable to the outlet and the Canon Pixma MG3020 printer after a few seconds.
Canon Pixma MG3020 Reset

Canon Pixma MG3020 Setup Troubleshooting Guide

There are several issues a Canon printer might display during printing, scanning, or copying. These include paper jams, cartridge error, connectivity issues, etc. The printer displays distinct error codes for each issue. The list of error codes and the problem corresponding to it are provided in the user manual.

  • Ensure that the printer is correctly connected to your computer and router.
  • Check if you have loaded the paper properly into the paper support.
  • Check if the print settings on the driver match with your requirement.
  • Ensure that your Canon Pixma MG3020 setupr is set as the Default Printer.
  • If the driver is outdated, update it from the manufacturer’s site.
  • Sometimes, canceled print jobs may remain in the print queue and the printer may not print.
  • Launch Canon IJ Status Monitor.
  • Click the Display Send Queue option.
  • A list of print jobs in the print queue will be displayed.
  • Select the print job you don’t need, open the Document menu, and click Cancel.

There are different error codes for various issues, and the number of times the Power lamp flashes also indicates the type of problem that has occurred.

  • If a communication, output, or writing error occurs, ensure that the printer is correctly plugged into the socket.
  • Check the connectivity between the printer and your computer. If you established a USB connection, remove the USB cable.
  • If the cable is damaged, replace it. For wireless connections, try moving the printer closer to your router.
  • Check if the MP Driver is installed properly on the printer. For any error, you can try the steps given below.
  • Power off the printer. Remove the power cord from the printer and outlet.
  • Replug the printer back into the outlet and after some time, power on the printer.

If a paper jam occurs, the printer displays an error code on the operation panel. The instructions for fixing a paper jam error is given below.

  • Power off your Canon Pixma MG3020 setup.
  • Retract the output tray to reach the inside of the printer.
  • Check if there are any torn paper bits and remove them.
  • If you find any paper stuck under the cartridge holder, move the holder to a side and pull out the paper using both your hands.
  • Remove all the sheets from the paper support.
  • Align the sheets and reinsert them. Do not insert wrinkled, curled, or damaged sheets as they may get stuck.
  • Check if the error is fixed. Print a document for verifying that the jam is removed
  • Ensure that the printer, router, and computer are turned on.
  • Make sure the wireless signal is active. Move the printer close to your router.
  • If the Wi-Fi lamp on the operation panel is not lit, hold the Wi-Fi button until the lamp against it flashes.
  • Press the Black button and then the Wi-Fi button alternately until the Network lamp lights.
  • Now, press the Color button. The Canon Pixma MG3020 setup is connected to your network.
  • Try updating the printer driver if the issue persists.
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