Canon Pixma MG2525 Setup Guidance

Canon Pixma MG2525 is a multifunctional color printer that uses inkjet-color technology for printing high-quality documents. The Canon Pixma MG2525 setup supported on the ink palette cyan, magenta, yellow, and pigment black colors. Several print media types, including the envelopes, photo paper, glossy, plain paper, etc.

Canon Pixma MG2525 Setup

Canon MG2525 Printer Unboxing Guide

Canon Pixma MG2525 Printer Unboxing

Canon Pixma MG2525 Printer Download Guide

Canon Pixma MG2525 Driver Download

The Canon MG 2525 printer driver can be installed from the setup CD-ROM supplied along with the printer. However, the driver on the CD may be outdated or incompatible, so it is recommended to download the most recent version of the printer driver from the manufacturer’s site or using the Driver Download button.


Canon Pixma MG2525 Manual Download

How to Install Canon Pixma MG2525 Driver?

Steps: Canon Pixma MG 2525 USB Setup

How to Install the Canon IJ Scan Utility?

Canon IJ Scan Utility for Windows

Canon IJ Scan Utility for Mac

Canon MG2525 Printer Ink Cartridge Guidance

Steps: Canon Pixma MG2525 Ink Cartridge Replacement

Guide: Canon Pixma MG 2525 Ink Refill

Canon Pixma MG2525 Printer Functions Assistance

Canon MG2525 to Wi-Fi Connection Guide

How to Print using Canon MG2525?

  • Power on your Canon Pixma MG2525 setup, and wait until it makes no noise.
  • Raise the rear paper input tray.
  • Pull the output tray out, and draw out the extension.
  • Slide out the paper width guides, and place enough paper into the tray. Adjust the guides.
  • Open the Printer Driver setup window, and select the Quick Setup tab.
  • Set the print settings as per your requirement, and click OK.
  • Finally, click Print. The printer prints the document.
Canon Pixma MG2525 Print Setup

Canon Pixma MG2525 Scan to Computer Guide

How to Copy using the Canon Pixma MG2525 Printer?

Canon Pixma MG2525 Setup Troubleshooting Guide

The common printer issues encountered by a printer are paper jams, quality issues, communication issues, etc. Step-by-step instruction for resolving these issues are given in the following sections.

  • Power on your Canon Pixma MG printer and computer.
  • If the Wi-Fi lamp on the control panel is not lit, hold the Stop button until the Alarm lamp flashes 18 times.
  • Release the Stop button and press the Color button to enable the Wireless LAN. See if the Wi-Fi lamp is lit.
  • Make sure the network settings of the computer are correct.
  • Move the printer close (within the range) of your router.
  • Disable any security firewall software on your computer temporarily. The firewall may block the communication between the printer and the computer.
  • If you have established a USB connection, make sure the USB cable is secured into the right ports in the printer and computer.
  • Try reinstalling the printer driver and updating the printer firmware.

Canon Pixma MG2525 won’t print for various reasons. Follow the guidelines below to enable printing.

  • Power off the Canon Pixma MG2525 setup, and retract the output tray.
  • Remove the stack of paper from the printer’s input tray. Examine the sheets, and replace the ones that are wrinkled or curled.
  • If you any jammed paper under the cartridge holder, move the holder to a side, and remove the jammed paper using both your hands.
  • If there are any torn paper bits left in the side spaces or inside the printer, clear them all.
  • Check the output slot and remove any foreign objects.
  • Raise the rear input tray, and remove any jammed paper from it.
  • Check the paper feed rollers and remove any paper bits stuck in them.
  • If you are using the CD-ROM for installation and the installer program does not start after inserting the CD-ROM, proceed with the following steps for fixing the issue.
  • Click Start on your computer, and select My Computer.
  • Find the CD-ROM icon on the window, and double-click it.
  • Click twice on the MSETUP4.EXE file, and proceed with the installation.
  • If you get stuck in the Printer Connection screen, check if the USB cable is correctly plugged into the printer and computer.
  • If the driver is not installed correctly, uninstall the driver. Restart your computer, and reinstall the MP driver.
  • Make sure the edges of the paper are aligned. Load paper only in portrait orientation.
  • Check if the print side of the pages is facing up.
  • Make sure the media type settings and the paper size correspond with the loaded paper.
  • Clear any foreign objects from the rear tray. Make sure there no jammed paper in the input tray, output tray or the rollers.
  • If the issue persists, clean the paper feed rollers. Hold the printer’s Stop button until you see the Alarm lamp flashing seven times.
  • The paper feed rollers will rotate while being cleaned. To clean the rollers with paper, load an A-4 sized paper in the rear input tray.
  • Pull out the output tray and the tray extension. Press the Stop button until the Alarm light flashes orange seven times.
  • Once the cleaning is complete, the paper ejects from the Canon Pixma MG2525 setup.
  • If the problem persists, clean the paper feed rollers using a damp cotton swab.
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