Complete Canon Pixma E477 Setup Assistance

Canon Pixma E477 is an efficient printer that performs wireless printing at very affordable rates. If genuine cartridges are used in the Canon Pixma E477 setup, then the print output and performance will also be high. This series of Canon printers can also print with various printing applications.

Canon Pixma E477 Setup

How to Set Up Canon Pixma E477 Printer?

Unbox the Canon Pixma E477 Printer

Canon Pixma E477 Printer Download Assistance

Canon Pixma E477 Driver Download

Driver helps you connect your printer and computer. Drivers are of two kinds namely the MP, and XPS drivers. XPS is the basic function driver whereas MP is the full feature drivers. If you want to enjoy theentire functionality of the printer, then you have to install MP drivers.

Canon Pixma E477 Manual Download

Manual is a complete guide to use the printer effectively. Each issue that arises with your Canon Pixma E477 Setup can be solved with the help of the manual. It is provided to you at the time of purchase. Else, you can download it from this website for free.

How to Install Canon Pixma E477 Driver Software?

Install Canon Pixma E477 Driver on Windows

  • Drivers should be installed on your system. This connects you to the printer.
  • Canon can work with the help of two kinds of drivers: MP and XPS .
  • Here, we will get to know how to install the MP driver since it allows you to make use of all the operations that a printer provides.
  • Download the drivers from this website or use the installation CD to install it.
  • Place the CD in the CD-ROM and close it.
  • Once the file is recognized, click the Run Msetup4.exe file in the AutoPlay screen.

Install Canon Pixma E477 Driver on Mac

How to Install Ink Cartridge in Canon Pixma E477 Setup?

Quick Steps for Ink Cartridge Installation in Canon Pixma E477

Quick Steps for Ink Cartridge Replacement in Canon Pixma E477

How to Connect Canon Pixma E477 Setup with USB Cable

Quick Steps for Canon Pixma E477 USB Connection in Windows

Quick Steps for Canon Pixma E477 USB Connection in Mac

Canon Pixma E477 Wireless Setup Guidance

Canon Pixma E477 Wireless Setup for Windows

Canon Pixma E477 Wireless Setup for Mac


Canon Pixma E477 Printer Functions Guidance

How to Print using Canon Pixma E477?

How to Copy using Canon Pixma E477?

Canon Pixma E477 Cloud Print Setup

Canon Pixma E477 Cloud Print Setup

How to Scan using Canon Pixma E477?

Guide: Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy App

Canon Pixma E477 Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

Troubleshooting instructions will help you if the Canon Pixma E477 faces any issues. Guidance for all the problems is given on this website. These steps are also specified in the manual for your reference. Pictorial representations are also available for easy understanding.

  • The paper size and the specified media settings should match properly.
  • This issue might occur if they do not match.
  • An appropriate print quality should be selected, and it can be done in the Driver’s Setup screen.
  • If the above ideas do not work, additional guidance will be given on the issue by technical experts.
  • The main solution to be followed for this problem is to uninstall the Mp drivers from your system and then install it again.
  • From the Control Panel, select the Programs option and then choose the Programs & Features option.
  • Click on the driver file and choose the Uninstall option to delete the Canon Pixma E477 Setup MP drivers.
  • Make use of the same procedure to uninstall the IJ Scan Utility from the applications list.
  • Tap the Yes option present in the Confirmation screen to uninstall it.
  • The final step is to re-install it again to get rid of the issue successfully.
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