Solved: Canon MG3070S Not Connect To Wireless

Sometimes, you will not be able to connect your Canon MG3070S printer to your wireless LAN. This problem is surely one of the most frustrating ones. To fix the problem where your Canon MG3070S not connect to wireless LAN, follow the troubleshooting techniques given here:

Canon MG3070S Not Connect To Wireless

Checking The Power Status:

Unbox the Canon MG3620 Printer
  • The first step is to check the power status of your printer and network devices. Also, check the power status of your tablet (or smartphone, or any other device). To do this task, turn on your printer/devices (if they are turned off). In case the power is already turned on, turn it off first and then turn it on once again.
  • Confirm that your computer is properly connected to the wireless router. Check whether you can view any web pages on your computer.

Confirming That The Network Settings Are Matching:

  • Ensure that the network settings of your printer are matching the ones of the wireless router. These settings include the wireless router name, network key, etc. If these settings do not match, modify the network settings of the printer such that they match the ones on the wireless router. If your Canon MG3070S not connect to wireless LAN even after completing the above steps, just move on to the next instruction.

Positioning The Printer:

  • Ensure that the printer is not kept far away from the wireless router. Place these two devices in the same room and let there be no obstacles between them. Place the router far away from interference sources.

Checking The Channels:

  • The next step is to confirm that you are utilizing a valid channel. Usable wireless channels could be limited, and these limitations vary, depending on the wireless network device that is being used by your computer.
  • Confirm that the channel that is set on the wireless router is a usable channel, as mentioned in the previous instruction. If it is not, you need to change the channel that has been set on the router.

Ensuring That Your Firewall Is Off:

  • Sometimes, your security software’s firewall might hinder your printer from getting connected to the wireless LAN. Therefore, make sure that this firewall is off.
  • By now, the problem where your Canon MG3070S not connect to wireless LAN should be solved. Your printer should be able to connect to your wireless LAN.
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