Canon Maxify MB2720 Setup Guidance

The new Canon Maxify MB2720 is a Wireless All-in-one printer that provides excellent outputs. You can satisfy all your Business, home, and office needs using the Canon Maxify MB2720 setup. It offers you perfect quality prints, copies, and scans. It supports AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, etc. The Canon Maxify MB2720 is also capable of giving outputs in a wireless connection. Go through the manual procedures to set up the printer.

Canon Maxify MB2720 Setup

How to Unbox Canon Maxify MB2720 Printer?

Unbox Canon MB2720 Printer

Canon Maxify MB2720 Printer Download Guidance

Canon Maxify MB2720 Driver Download

A driver is a software application that helps to connect the printer with your local system. You can communicate with the printer only through the driver software.

Canon Maxify MB2720 Manual Download

Manual is a set of instructions that is exclusively designed for the printer setup. You can also make use of the manual to troubleshoot any error with the Canon Maxify MB2720 setup.

Canon Maxify MB2720 Connection Guide

Print, scan, copy and even fax using the Canon Maxify MB2720 in a wireless connection. It also provides additional wireless features such as AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, etc., which allows you to print documents directly from your handy Mobile phones..

How to Connect Canon Maxify MB2720 to Wi-Fi?

Canon Maxify MB2720 USB Setup

Canon Maxify MB2720 Printer App Guide

Print any document from your Mobile using the Canon Maxify MB2720 printer. Follow the steps to connect your mobile with the printer.

Canon Maxify MB2720 Ink Refill Guide

Canon Maxify MB2720 Mobile Printing Assist

The Canon Maxify MB2720 printer allows you to print documents from your handy mobile devices. You don’t need to sit in front of a resting computer and perform the task. Perform your jobs from anywhere but within the range of connection. Various features that the Canon Maxify MB2720 Setup offers are Mopria Device Printing, Microsoft Mobile Print, AirPrint, etc.

Canon Maxify MB2720 AirPrint Setup

Use AirPrint facility and print documents from an Apple device. The procedure is given below to set up the AirPrint.

  • Turn ON your Canon Maxify MB2720 printer.
  • Make sure a strong connection is established between the printer and the Apple device through Wireless LAN setting.
  • Select the document from the Apple device.
  • "Tap" the Operation icon and click Print.
  • Under printer options, select your Canon Maxify MB2720 setup.
  • "Specify" your requirements such as no. of copies, document size, etc.
  • "Tap" Print to begin the printing process.

Canon Maxify MB2720 Cloud Print Guide

Printing Google Cloud documents directly from your mobile or computer is now made easy using the Canon Maxify MB2720 printer.

  • Log in to your Google account using Chrome.
  • From Chrom menu, select Settings.
  • Select Advanced Settings and access the Manage for Google Cloud Print Option.
  • Add your printer and register it.
  • Now, go to the Home screen on the printer.
  • Tap Setup –>Web Service inquiry.
  • Select Print from Google Cloud Print and click ok.
  • Now the setup is done.k

Canon Maxify MB2720 Mopria Setup

Mopria print service is a mobile application that tends to print documents from your mobile easily. Go through the given steps.

  • Go to Play store.
  • Download the Mopria print service app.
  • Install it on your device.
  • Turn your Canon Maxify MB2720 printer On.
  • Connect your printer with the mobile device that you are using via a wireless connection.
  • Open the app, add your printer.
  • Select the document and tap print.
  • The selected document is now being printed.

How to Print on Canon Maxify MB2720?

  • Switch on your Canon Maxify MB2720 setup.
  • Connect your printer with the device via Wireless connection.
  • Make use of the driver application to specify the document settings.
  • If you are assigning jobs from mobile, use the Canon mobile apps or Mopria print service app.
  • Set the required A4 sheets in the tray.
  • Enter the required settings such as no. of copies, size, layout, etc.
  • Once everything is set, tap Print.
  • The printer will start printing.

Canon Maxify MB2720 Duplex Printing Guide

  • Open the Printer Driver setup window.
  • Go to the Page Setup tab.
  • Check the Duplex Printing and Automatic checkboxes.
  • Note that if you uncheck the Automatic option, you have to perform the duplex printing manually.
  • Specify the document settings such as layout, orientation, etc.
  • Apply the settings and click Print.

How to Scan on Canon Maxify MB2720?

  • Connect your Canon Maxify MB2720 with the device that you are using.
  • Start the Scan utility.
  • Go to the Settings option.
  • Under document scan, specify the source, size, resolution, etc.
  • Open the top lid of the printer.
  • Set the original document on the platen glass.
  • Make sure that the document is facing down.
  • Close the lid.
  • Once the settings are entered, click the Document icon.
  • The printer starts scanning the original.

How to Fax on Canon Maxify MB2720?

  • Turn on the Canon Maxify MB2720 setup.
  • Attach one line port of the printer with a power supply and another line port with an answering machine/ Telephone.
  • Go to Home screen on the printer.
  • Click the Fax icon.
  • Enter the recipient details such as Fax / Telephone number and the destination.
  • Load the document on the platen glass.
  • Select Send to send the fax.

How to Reset Canon Maxify MB2720 Printer?

  • Start the Canon Maxify MB2720 printer
  • Press the home button on the printer
  • Go to the Setup option
  • Under Device Settings, select Reset all
  • Once the reset is done, the settings that are previously made will come back to default
  • Now make the new settings according to your needs

Steps: Canon Maxify MB2720 Firmware Update

  • Turn on the Canon Maxify MB2720 setup.
  • Go to the Setup option in the printer.
  • Select the Device Settings menu and select Changing settings from the Operation Panel.
  • If there is an available update, install the update.
  • You can also check the firmware update version.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and give yes.
  • The update installation begins.

Canon Maxify MB2720 Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

Whenever your Canon Maxify MB2720 printer is facing an error, try to fix the error using the troubleshooting methods that are given in the manual. Hence the process of correcting the errors is termed as troubleshooting. The manual contains standard error codes and the troubleshooting methods respectively.

If you cannot print any document using Canon Maxify MB2720 setup, follow the steps to rectify the problem.

  • Make sure the printer is turned on.
  • Check the ink level in the cartridge. If it is running out of ink, replace it with a new one.
  • If the connection between the printer and the device is improper, secure the connection by reconnecting the devices.
  • Ensure that all the necessary LAN settings are made appropriately.
  • Try cleaning the print head if required.

Sometimes, your Canon Maxify MB2720 setup come up with ‘Not printing Black’ error. The troubleshooting methods are given below.

  • Check out the black ink cartridge.
  • If it is damaged or broken, replace it.
  • If the cartridge does not fit well in the appropriate slot, it might cause this error.
  • Note that you have to use the correct cartridges that are meant for this model.
  • Clean the print head carefully if it is necessary.
  • Try a test print.

If your Canon Maxify MB2720 setup is displaying ‘printer is offline,’ go through the given steps to rectify the issue.

  • It is because the option Use printer offline is enabled. Disable the offline option to get back the printer online.
  • Start your system and tap the Start option.
  • Select Control Panel.
  • Go to the Devices and Printers option.
  • Right-click the printer icon and tap the option See what’s printing.
  • The printer window will appear.
  • Select the printer option at the top and uncheck the option Use printer offline.
  • Now the Printer offline is disabled.

Check out the following and try connecting the devices again. The steps are given below.

  • Make sure that the wireless settings are made correctly.
  • Note that the LAN setting should be enabled on the printer.
  • If the router is far away from the printer, it is difficult to make a stable connection.
  • So make sure that your local router is accessible to the devices.
  • Power cycle the printer once again to refresh the printer.

It might happen because of the common mistakes that we make. Check the following methods to fix the error.

  • If a different size of papers is used, this error might occur.
  • Check the telephone line connection. If the cable is plugged in improperly, connect it well.
  • If the memory is full on the receiver’s machine, delete the unwanted files to free the space.
  • Also, check the ink level.
  • If it is insufficient, replace the cartridge with a new one.

If your Canon Maxify MB2720 setup displays error code 1755, follow the given steps to fix the issue.

  • Remove the old cartridge from the printer.
  • Unpack the new one and install it in the printer.
  • Once it is installed, follow the instructions on-screen.
  • Make sure that no job is running while installing the cartridge.
  • Try printing a sample document and check if the printer is still showing the error code.

If your printer encounters any paper jam, try to clear the jam by following the procedures given below.

  • Stop the process if any job is running in the back end.
  • Switch off the Canon Maxify MB2720 printer.
  • Remove the jammed papers gently out of the printer.
  • Check the printhead. If there are any paper bits, remove it out of the printer.
  • Turn on the printer and try taking printouts.

Go through the following steps to fix the ‘won’t scan’ issue.

  • Check the connection between the Canon Maxify MB2720 setup and the device.
  • Make sure the devices are connected with the same access point.
  • Reduce the resolution of the document that you want to scan.
  • Free up the memory space if it is full.
  • If the printer is performing some process such as cleaning, adjusting, etc., wait until it is done.
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