Canon Maxify IB4120 Setup Assistant

The Canon Maxify ib4120 is an All-in-one inkjet printer that is costume made to produce quality output. You can directly connect your Canon Maxify IB4120 Setup with a USB cable, or wirelessly. The printer supports both Windows and Mac OS. It also supports AirPrint, Canon PRINT application, Google Cloud Print, Microsoft Mobile Print, and Mopria. Print at a reliable speed with excellent output quality. Canon Maxify ib4120 is an ideal choice to handle all your office needs.

Canon Maxify IB4120 Setup

How to Set Up Canon Maxify IB4120 Printer?

Canon Maxify IB4120 Unboxing Setup

Canon Maxify IB4120 Download Guidance

Canon Maxify IB4120 Driver download

A drive is a software that acts as a communication channel between the Canon Maxify ib4120 and the system. The driver plays an essential part in assigning a job to your Canon Maxify

Canon Maxify IB4120 Manual Download

The manual is a pamphlet that contains all the essential information regarding the Canon Maxify ib4120. From setting up to troubleshooting error with your Canon Maxify ib4120 can be done by referring the manual.

Canon Maxify IB4120 Wireless Setup Guide

The wireless configuration allows you to assign print jobs to your Canon Maxify ib4120 without actually being connected to the device.

How to Connect Canon Maxify IB4120 Printer Wirelessly?

Canon Maxify Ib4120 Printer MObile App Guidance

Steps: Canon Maxify Ib4120 Cartridge Replacement

Canon Maxify IB4120 Mobile Printing Guidance

You can now assign jobs to your Canon Maxify ib4120 directly from your device using the mobile printing feature. Canon Maxify ib4120 setup supports a variety of mobile application like AirPrint, Canon PRINT app, Google Cloud Print, Microsoft Mobile Print, and Mopria Device Printing. With mobile printing, you can now print documents from your mobile device with ease.

Canon Maxify IB4120 AirPrint Setup

Assign the print job to Canon Maxify ib4120 from your Apple device using AirPrint. Follow the process given below to print your documents with AirPrint.

  • Turn on your Canon Maxify ib4120.
  • Make sure you connect your Apple device and Canon Maxify ib4120.
  • Access the Menu.
  • "Click" the Print option under Menu.
  • "Choose" Canon Maxify ib4120 setup from the list of printers displayed.
  • Fill in all the required settings.
  • Enter the required number of copies..
  • Tap the print button. Your document is now getting printed.

Canon Maxify IB4120 Cloud Print Setup

Print your documents from anywhere with any web-connected device using Google cloud print. Go through the steps to print using Google cloud print.

  • Turn on your Canon Maxify ib4120 setup.
  • Open the Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Choose the sign in option from the Chrome menu.
  • Log in with your Google account.
  • After logging in with your account click the print option from the menu.
  • Enter all the required specifications.
  • Now select the Change destination option.
  • Tap on Canon Maxify ib4120 from the list displayed.
  • Hit print. Your data is now being printed.

Canon Maxify IB4120 Mopria Setup

Assign print jobs to your Canon Maxify ib4120 using Mopria. Set print jobs to your Canon Maxify ib4120 from your mobile device or tablets. Look into the given process to print using Mopria.

  • Power on your Canon Maxify ib4120 setup.
  • Access your mobile device to download and install the Mopria application from play store.
  • Enter the required specifications.
  • Fill the paper tray with the required amount of A4 sheets.
  • After entering the settings tap the print option.
  • Once all the settings are done tap OK.
  • The image or document from your mobile is now being printed

Canon Maxify IB4120 Print Setup

  • Print your documents with ease using Canon Maxify ib4120.
  • Download and install the driver for your Canon Maxify ib4120.
  • The printer and the computer should be connected either with a USB cable or wirelessly.
  • Make sure the printer has the required amount of paper.
  • Access the document that needs to be printed.
  • Tap the Print option.
  • Fill in the required settings.
  • Hit OK, and your document is now being printed.

Canon Maxify IB4120 Duplex Printing

  • With Canon Maxify ib4120 setup duplex printing feature you can print both sides of your documents at the same time.
  • Follow the procedure given below to duplex print your documents
  • Open the Driver setup window.
  • Click on the Page Setup option.
  • Hit the checkbox next to Duplex and Automatic.
  • If you want to perform the Duplex process manually don’t tap the Automatic option.
  • Now fill in the essential preferences and tap print.

How to Reset Canon Maxify IB4120 Setup?

  • Power on your printer.
  • Long press the Stop button for a few seconds.
  • Now release the Stop button and tap the ON button.
  • While pressing the ON button and hit the Stop button five times.
  • Release all the buttons.
  • Your Canon Maxify ib4120 is back to its default settings.
  • Switch off and switch on your device after some time.
  • Set the required settings for your Canon Maxify ib4120 setup.

Canon Maxify IB4120 Firmware Update Guide

  • Updating your firmware for your Canon Maxify ib4120 is quite simple. Follow the given steps to update your firmware.
  • Make sure your firmware has an updated version.
  • Open the Setup option.
  • Click the Device settings option under the Setup option.
  • Hit the Firmware update option.
  • Tap the Yes option displayed on the screen and install the firmware updates.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and install the updates.

Canon Maxify ib4120 Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

Correcting the error your Canon Maxify ib4120 encounters is known as troubleshooting. If your Canon Maxify ib4120 has any error follow the troubleshooting steps in the user manual. The user manual contains all the information regarding the printers. The manual provides step by step procedure involved in troubleshooting the error with your printer.

When your Canon Maxify ib4120 won’t print the assigned documents follow the procedure given below.

  • Check if your Canon Maxify ib4120 setup is out of ink. Refill if required.
  • Your Canon Maxify ib4120 won’t print if there is a paper jam.
  • Try to remove the paper before printing any documents
  • If your Canon Maxify ib4120 is performing any previous jobs, wait till the process gets completed.
  • The connection between the printer and the system might not be proper.
  • Make sure the wired or wireless connection between the devices are proper.

There are times when the offline error occurs in your Canon Maxify ib4120. Scrutinize the method given below to rectify this error.

  • Make sure Canon Maxify ib4120 is set as default printer.
  • The computer and access point might have lost connection.
  • Restart the computer and try connecting once again.
  • Access the printer folder and set it back to online
  • Try to reset your Canon Maxify ib4120 and take a test printout.
  • Call our service team to resolve this issue.

Occasionally your Canon Maxify ib4120 won’t connect to wifi. This error can be corrected by going through the given process.

  • Your device and Canon Maxify ib4120 might be connected with the different network. Reconnect the devices under the same network.
  • Make sure your router is turned on.
  • Check if all the required settings are correctly entered.
  • The printer might be far away from the access point.
  • Restart your Canon Maxify ib4120 setup.

Every printer is assigned with support codes. These codes are assigned to identify the problem with your printer and provide the proper solution for the problem.

  • The code 1008 is assigned when there is no paper in the tray.
  • To resolve this issue load the tray with the required amount of paper and make sure the documents are correctly aligned.
  • When the front cover of your printer is open, the code 1200 gets displayed.
  • Close the cover of your Canon Maxify ib4120 setup. Do not respond to this error if you are replacing the ink cartridge.
  • The support code 4103 denotes that the printer cannot print with the current print settings.
  • Cease the print operation and change the settings accordingly.

While printing a document or image occasionally, the paper gets jammed inside the Canon Maxify ib4120 this error is known as a paper jam. Peruse the process stated below to rectify this issue.

  • When your Canon Maxify ib4120 experiences, a paper jam hit the stop button to pause the printing operation.
  • Before performing any other activity disconnect your device from the power supply.
  • Access your Canon Maxify ib4120 setup and pull out the paper.
  • Pull the paper slowly and gently from the printer making sure not to leave any bits of paper behind.
  • Use only good quality and recommended sheets for printing or copying.
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