Complete Canon Maxify IB4020 Setup Guidance

The Canon Maxify iB4020 is a smart printer that is tailored to deliver crisp & colorful prints for all your business needs. It is quick and cost-effective. The Canon Maxify IB4020 Setup saves your money and time, thus enabling the efficient growth of your business. The setup process of Canon Maxify iB4020 is quite simple and easy.

Canon Maxify IB4020 Setup

How to Set Up Canon Maxify IB4020 Printer?

Canon Maxify IB4020 Printer Unboxing

Canon Maxify IB4020 Download GUidance

Canon Maxify IB4020 Driver Download

A driver firmware is essential to connect your Maxify iB4020 and your computer. Make sure to download the driver that is compatible with your system’s operating system. You can either use the setup CD-ROM or download it from any of the websites. Some of the latest version of the Mac system does not have CD drives. In such cases, you can download it online.

Canon Maxify IB4020 Manual Download

The user manual will facilitate easy use of your Canon Maxify iB4020 setup. It carries all the necessary instructions and significant details about your printer. The user manual will help you with the first-time installation and connecting your printer. It also includes the steps for troubleshooting some of the basic printer errors

Canon Maxify IB4020 Driver Installation Guide

Download Canon Maxify IB4020 Driver Software

Canon Maxify IB4020 Driver Installation

Canon Maxify IB4020 Wireless Setup Guide

Wireless connection enables convenience of place. It is just that the printer has to be within the range of the wireless network.

How to Connect Canon Maxify IB4020 Printer Wirelessly?

Canon Maxify iB4020 wireless setup

Canon Maxify IB4020 Mobile Printing Assistance

Canon Maxify IB4020 AirPrint Setup

Airprint facilitates printing from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac. You can print photos or webpages without installing any driver.

  • Ensure that your printer in kept On.
  • Make sure that your Canon Maxify iB4020 setup is connected to the wireless LAN.
  • Check if the input tray is loaded with papers.
  • See if the application supports Airprint because not all Apps support Airprint.
  • Tap the operation icon to view the menu options from the iOS applications.
  • Select the Print option.
  • "Choose" the Canon Maxify iB4020 setup from Printer options or Printer.
  • Tap on the Range to choose the number of pages.
  • Tap on the Range to choose the number of pages.
  • Use + or – for the number of copies.
  • "Tap" Print.

Canon Maxify IB4020 CloudPrint Setup

  • Switch On your printer.
  • Make sure your Canon Maxify iB4020 setup and computer is connected to a Wi-fi network.
  • Open chrome on your computer; Key in Chrome://devices and tap Enter.
  • Find your printer under New devices.
  • Click Register in the Confirm registration box.
  • Follow the steps to complete registering.
  • Go to print and select Printers to check if it is registered.
  • Go to the Google cloud print management page and click Print.
  • Select Upload file to print. Select a file from my computer.
  • Choose the file; select your printer and click Print.

Guide: Canon Maxify IB4020 How to Print

Be it your business or home needs; you can take quality prints using Canon Maxify iB4020. Follow the below steps to take a print out:

  • Switch On your Canon Maxify iB4020 setup.
  • Make sure to load enough papers in the input tray.
  • Ensure that your printer and computer are connected.
  • Download the driver that will enable printing functions.
  • Open the document.
  • Go to File -> Print.
  • The dialog box for print preferences will open.
  • Make the necessary changes like the number of copies, etc.
  • Click on Print to obtain the print outs.

How to Reset Canon Maxify IB4020?

By choosing to reset your Canon Maxify iB4020, the printer gets back to its default settings. Follow the steps below to reset your Canon maxify printer:

  • Turn off your Canon Maxify iB4020 setup by pressing the power button.
  • Press and hold the Stoop button for two seconds.
  • Now simultaneously press and hold the On button.
  • Release the Stop button.
  • Press Stop button five times.
  • Let go of the On button.
  • The display will go to the reset state.
  • Turn off the printer after the noise settles down.
  • Install the drives, if necessary.
  • For further support, contact our Canon experts.

How to Connect Canon Maxify IB4020 to Computer?

One of the methods to connect your Canon Maxify iB4020 to your computer is through an Ethernet cable. Follow the below steps for the same:

  • Check if your Maxify iB4020 is switched On.
  • Wait until the printer settles.
  • Buy an Ethernet cable from a nearby store.
  • Remove the cap from the port at the back of the printer.
  • Connect your printer and the router or any network device with the ethernet cable.
  • In LAN settings, select Wired LAN.
  • Select Wired LAN active / inactive.
  • Tap Active.
  • Connection for your printer has now been setup.
  • Install the required software for your printer.

Canon Maxify IB4020 Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

There can be a situation when your Canon maxify printer is not printing. Some errors can be resolved by yourself. You just have to refer to the manual for the corresponding error code. Follow the instructions in the manual to fix the error. Also, do a basic check like the power connection, paper jam, etc.

Your Canon Maxify iB4020 may fail to print due to issues like paper jam, loose connection, software error, etc.

  • Ensure that the power code has been plugged to a wall socket.
  • Check if the given USB cable is connected firmly to the computer.
  • Do a quick check if there is any paper stuck in the paper feed.
  • Restart your computer to troubleshoot any software error.
  • If your Canon Maxify iB4020 setup is not seen in the list, go to Printers & Faxes in the control panel and tap on the Add a printer option.
  • Try re-installing the Canon software with the latest version.

If your Canon Maxify iB4020 setup is offline, you will be prompted with an error message and the print job will also not be completed.

  • Go to Control panel -> Printers and Devices
  • Right-click on your printer’s icon and choose Use Printer Online.
  • Your document will now be printed. If it fails, a printer icon will appear on your taskbar.
  • Open the printer window by clicking the printer icon.
  • Below the Document column click the document title.
  • Select Restart from the Document menu.

If your Canon Maxify iB4020 is not printing black pursue the given methods to rectify this issue with your Canon Maxify iB4020.

  • Make sure that your Canon Maxify iB4020 setup is switched On.
  • Check whether the LAN settings under the Device settings is set to Disable LAN.
  • Check if the given USB cable is firmly connected.
  • Click Update in IJ Network Tool to search for the printer again.
  • Make sure your printer is associated with the port when you are searching for it over a network.
  • Contact our Canon support team if the problem still persists.
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