Complete Canon imageClass MF249DW Setup Guidance

The Canon imageCLASS MF249dw is an All-in-one laser printer with wireless connectivity options. It connects a wide range of devices within the local area connection. It enables you to print, copy, scan, and fax the documents. The additional features are Canon imageClass MF249DW Setupmobile printing, AirPrint, duplex printing, etc., It is an advanced design, capable of multi-functioning. Follow the given instructions to set up the Canon imageCLASS MF249dw printer.

Canon imageClass MF249DW Setup

How to Set Up Canon imageClass MF249dw Printer?

Canon imageClass MF249DW Unboxing Setup

Canon Color imageClass MF249dw Download Guidance.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Driver Download

The driver is a bridge that serves as a link between the system and Canon imageCLASS MF249dw.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Manual Download

Manual is the guide that gives instructions and illustrations to set up any device. Follow the steps to download the manual.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Toner Cartridge Replacement

Canon imageClass MF249dw Wireless Setup

The Canon imageCLASS mf249dw printer is capable of printing/scanning documents with wireless connectivity. Follow the instructions given below.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Setup Mobile Printing Solutions

The Canon imageCLASS MF249dw printer enables you to scan, and print documents directly from your Android mobile. You have to download a canon print app. Register your account and Add the printer. Select the setup via Wireless router. Search for the available printer. Connect with it and take a test print.

How to Print Using AirPrint?

You can print documents from any Mac or IOS device using the new Canon imageCLASS MF249dw printer. Follow the given steps.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Cloud Print Guide

You can now print, scan any cloud document from the mobile device. Follow the instructions to set up cloud printing option in your Canon imageClass MF249dw setup.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Mopria Setup

Canon imageCLASS MF249dw supports AirPrint. You can print any documents from your Apple device at ease.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Mopria Setup

Canon Color imageClass MF249dw Printer Function Guidance

Canon imageClass MF249dw Print Setup

  • Turn on the Canon imageCLASS MF249dw printer.
  • Install the driver to connect the Canon imageClass MF249dw setup with the device.
  • Give the preferred setting options while installing the driver.
  • Insert the papers in the input tray.
  • Select the document.
  • Set the required preferences.
  • Preview the document that you want to print if needed.
  • Print the document and get it from the output tray after printing.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Duplex Printing

  • Turn on the Canon imageCLASS MF249dw printer.
  • Open the printer driver setting dialog box.
  • Select the option Automatic duplex printing option.
  • Tick the checkbox to select the option.
  • Give preferences such as layout, format, etc.
  • Choose print.
  • You can also do it manually by unchecking the Automatic option on the dialog box.
  • But you have to retrieve and reload the paper to print on the other side.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Scan Setup

  • Press the power button on the printer.
  • Connect the system with the Canon imageClass MF249dw setup.
  • Place the originals in the feeder.
  • Make sure that the original is facing downwards.
  • Select the scan option.
  • You will be directed to a scan setting window.
  • Set the required options such as format, layout, size, type, etc., of the document.
  • Preview the document and give scan.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Duplex Scanning

The new Canon imageCLASS MF249dw provides you the duplex scanning feature.

  • Connect the printer with the device wirelessly.
  • Go to the MF scan utility–>settings.
  • Select the option Scan both side of the document.
  • Click the option Auto.
  • Give the required options like size, format, etc.
  • Preview the document that you want to scan.
  • Choose the scan option and get the copies from the output tray.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Fax Setup

  • The new Canon imageCLASS helps you to fax the document from the printer.
  • To set up the fax, first turn on the printer.
  • There are two line ports available in the Canon imageClass MF249dw setup.
  • Connect one end of the line port with the wall socket and another port with an answering machine or Telephone.
  • Place the original document inside the feeder and hit the Fax button.
  • A Fax setting window will display.
  • Specify the destination, fax number, and the mode.
  • Select the send option and check if the other side is receiving the fax.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Duplex Faxing

  • Turn on the Canon imageClass MF249dw setup.
  • It cannot function Automatic duplex faxing while sending a fax.
  • Place the document on the platen glass.
  • Connect one line port with the wall socket and the other with an answering machine.
  • Press the fax button.
  • Dial the fax number and begin the transmission.
  • Once the first page of the document is scanned, place another side of the paper in the feeder.
  • Give the required orientation and give ok to send the fax.

Switch On Your Canon ImageCLASS MF249dw Printer.

  • Search for the Reset option on the home screen of the printer.
  • Use the Arrow keys and navigate to the soft reset option.
  • Click on Ok option until hard reset option appears.
  • Select the hard reset option and go to the control panel.
  • Select the device setting.
  • Click on reset setting and give ok.
  • Once the reset is done, click OK and take a test print.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Firmware Update

  • A firmware update enables the user to access the printer without any errors.
  • Check your system for the firmware update.
  • Go to the control panel on your system.
  • Select the option Administrator.
  • Find the updates on the firmware update.
  • Wait till the files are updated.
  • In some models, the update is done automatically when the system is connected to a secured network.

Canon imageClass MF249dw Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

The process of fixing the errors in a standard way is known as troubleshooting. Specific error codes denote each issue. These error codes have troubleshooting steps to rectify the issues. The troubleshooting steps are available in the manual. If you are unable to troubleshoot the error call our service team.

If there occurs any issues with the cartridge or issues inside the printer, your printer will fail to print.

  • Check if the Canon imageClass MF249dw setup is appropriately connected with the system.
  • If there is any job running at the back end, let it complete before you assign print jobs.
  • Make sure there is no paper jam inside the printer.
  • In case of a paper jam, remove all the bits of paper from the printer.
  • Switch on the printer and check if it is printing well.

Follow the given instructions to fix the errors that occur on Canon imageCLASS MF249dw at times.

  • When the error code 001 appears, paper jam has happened inside the printer. Gently take it out of the printer.
  • Error code 003 implies that fax cannot be sent to the destination.
  • Reduce the resolution of the document that you want to scan.
  • Error code 009 denotes that printing, sending, or receiving was canceled.
  • When you cancel any running job, this error code appears.

If your Canon imageCLASS MF249dw does not receive any fax follow the given steps.

  • Ensure that the telephone line or answering Canon imageClass MF249dw setup is connected correctly with the printer.
  • Delete the unwanted document to free up the memory space.
  • Make sure that the required papers are loaded in the paper tray.
  • The connection between the printer and the device might have some issue.
  • Check if the machine is set to receive or switch Telephone Automatically.
  • Ask the sender to fax the document once again.
  • In case your canon printer is not performing scan operations, it is because of any of the following reasons. The methods are given below as follows.
  • Check the connection between the Canon imageClass MF249dw setup and computer.
  • If there is no more memory space, free up space by deleting the unwanted documents.
  • Wipe the platen glass before performing any scan operation.
  • If there is any paper piece stuck inside, gently remove it.
  • Try reducing the resolution of the document to scan the paper efficiently.
  • There might be some pending job, wait until it gets completed.

Follow the given steps to make your printer, print documents wirelessly. The procedure is provided below.

  • Turn on the Canon imageClass MF249dw setup.
  • Make sure that the device and the printer are connected.
  • Go to the MF Network tool and select update.
  • Check if both the printer and the system are connected to the local router.
  • If it remains unresolved, try reconnecting the devices.
  • Contact the service team if the issue is still not fixed.

If the printer keeps on printing blank pages, follow the given instructions to resolve this issue.

  • If there is any cartridge that is running out of toner, replace it with the new one.
  • Take out the sealing tape of the cartridge before installing.
  • Check the toner level.
  • Take a test print.

  • Paper jam may occur due to improper setting of papers or some fault inside the printer. Follow the given steps.
  • Check if the paper jam is at the input tray or inside the printer.
  • Remove the jammed papers gently out of the printer.
  • Stop the process if there is any job running.
  • Rearrange the sheets correctly and set inside the tray.
  • If the paper bits are stuck inside the Canon imageClass MF249dw setup, gently pull it out.
  • Contact the service team for further reference.
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