Canon imageClass LBP253dw Setup Guidance

The Canon imageClass LBP253dw setup is a single function device which is very user-friendly. There are lots of easy to use features like intuitive Color Touch LCD Display, various mobile solutions, and security capabilities.

Canon imageClass LBP253dw Setup

Canon imageClass LBP253dw Printer Unboxing Guidance

Canon imageClass LBP253dw Printer Guide

Printer Initial Settings

Insert one end of the electric cable into the printer and the other end to an electric socket. Turn the machine on and change the initial settings. Use the navigation buttons to set the language, date, and time. The following instructions will be displayed in the language you choose now. Specify the Operating System of your PC in the Print Device. Select the Date & time and click the OK button.

Connecting the Power Cord

Link the power cord and turn on the power. Do not connect the USB cable. You have to connect it while installing the software. Perform the instructions appearing on the screen once the printer turns on.

Printer Configuration

Use the navigation buttons on the Control Panel of the printer to make your selection. Set the language. The following instructions will be displayed in the language you choose. Specify the Operating system in the USB-Connected PC OS menu. Set the date and time.

How to Install Toner Cartridge in Canon LBP253dw?

Canon imageClass LBP253dw Cartridge Install

How to Connect Canon LBP253dw Printer To Computer?

You can connect the printer to the computer in three different ways.

Wired LAN Connection

Using the LAN cables, you can connect the printer to the wired router or access point. First, you need to connect the router to the computer using a cable. Make sure there is another port available in the router to connect the printer.

USB Cable Connection

You can also connect the computer and the printer using a USB cable. You need to install the Driver & Software to connect via a USB cable.

Wireless LAN Connection

First, link the computer to the router wirelessly. Complete the network settings to connect the printer to the router to enable the connection between your computer and Canon imageClass LBP253dw Setup.

How to Load Paper?

To Load Paper in the Paper Drawer

To Load Paper in the Multi-Purpose Tray

  • Hold the center of the multipurpose tray to open it.
  • Pull the paper tray outwards.
  • While loading large paper, you can pull the tray extension out.
  • Widen the paper guides.
  • Place the paper into the tray and push it until it stops.
  • Press the paper guides inwards until they get aligned securely.

How To Load Envelopes?

Specifying the Type & Size of Paper

Since we load paper of different types and sizes, we need to specify them in the settings before printing. Make sure you change the paper settings if you load paper that is different from the previously loaded paper. If the Settings do not match, a printing error or paper jam may occur. The settings about the paper source and the size loaded in the machine are mentioned with short descriptions.

How to Print from Canon imageClass LBP253dw Setup?

Quick Steps for Print from Windows Devices

You can print a document from your computer by using the printer driver. There are many useful settings on the printer driver, like enlarging/reducing and duplex printing. This enables you to print documents in various ways.

Quick Steps for Print from Mac Devices

Guide for Print from Canon LBP253DW Printer

Quick Steps for Print from iPhone

You can print using the Canon image class LBP253dw from an iPhone using the Airprint application. To use this application, you need to ensure that the printer & iPhone are connected to the same network.

Quick Steps for Print from Android Devices

Canon imageCLASS LBP253dw Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

Some common issues arising on the Canon ImageClass LBP253dw printer can be fixed by following the simple troubleshooting mechanisms. Issues like paper jam and other connectivity problems can be fixed by performing the simple guidelines given below. The standard issues are discussed below. Read more to solve printer issues.

  • Make sure you have to pull the sealing tape out from the toner cartridge. If you haven’t, then pull the sealing tape out and reload the toner cartridge.
  • Wait until the Canon imageCLASS LBP253dw setup resumes, if you have recently given a print job. It will take some time for the temperature inside the machine to fall.
  • Print a windows test page. If it has printed the test page, then there is no issue with the machine or the printer driver. Then you have to verify the print settings of your application.
  • Disable the Secure Print option if you are not using it.

To clear paper jams that occur in the multi-purpose tray, gently pull the paper outwards. Tap the Yes option if the screen shows Is All Of The Jammed Paper Removed. To clear paper jams that occur in the paper drawer, pull the paper outwards. You need to take the paper out using both hands. Else you may damage the paper drawer. Remove the paper from the feeder also. Now place the paper drawer back. Make sure the Notify To Check Paper Settings option is turned on. Then touch the Yes option when the screen shows Is All Of The Jammed Paper Removed. To clear paper jams inside the machine, pull the paper out and open the front cover. You need to press the button on top while you open the front cover. Remove the toner cartridge from the machine. Hold the green knob and lift the transport guide. Gently pull the paper out and place the transport guide back into position. Open the roller cover while holding the green knob and pull the paper out. Place the roller cover back to the Canon imageCLASS LBP253dw setup and position the cartridge properly. Shut the front cover.

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