Complete Canon imageCLASS D1620 Setup Guidance

Canon imageCLASS D1620 is a Wireless, Duplex Laser printer that is designed for the small-sized workplace. Its maximum paper capacity is 2,300 sheets. It has a 5″ LCD touch-screen which is very much easy to operate it. You can connect it with any other device to perform various tasks. Canon imageCLASS D1620 Setup is capable of print, scan, and copy documents from any high-end device. It also gives you high-resolution documents to match your needs. Follow the given steps.

Canon imageCLASS D1620 Setup

How to Set Up Canon imageClass D1620 Printer?

Canon imageClass D1620 Printer Unboxing Guide

Canon imageClass D1620 Driver Download

A driver is a software that connects your computer with the printer. Follow the steps given below to download the driver.

Canon imageClass D1620 Manual Download

Manual is a set of instructions that guide you through setting up the printer. Follow the instructions that are given below.

Canon imageCLASS D1620 Toner Replacement Guidance

Canon imageClass D1620 Toner Replacement

Canon imageCLASS D1620 Connection Guidance

Canon imageCLASS D1620 Wireless Setup

Canon imageCLASS D1620 USB Setup

Canon imageCLASS D1620 Mobile Printing Guide

Go to the play store and download the canon print app. Once it is installed, select Add printer and register your local printer. Give the setup option as Setup via Wireless router. Name the Printer and give the security password. Detect for your local machine and connect your device to the printer. Now print any document from your Android device.

Color imageCLASS D1620 Airprint Setup

Airprint option on the printer enables you to connect your IOS device to the printer. Following are the measures to facilitate AirPrint on the printer.

Canon imageCLASS D1620 CloudPrint Setup

Canon imageCLASS D1620 allows you to print the documents from the cloud. This is how it facilitates Google cloud print. Follow the steps to set up cloud printing.

Color imageCLASS D1620 Printer Function Assistance

Canon ImageCLASS D1620 How To Print

  • The driver is available either on a CD-ROM that comes along with the printer or on the internet.
  • Download it in your device and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • Ensure that the driver is meant for your device’s operating system.
  • Turn On the Canon imageCLASS D1620 setup.
  • Fill the input tray with a stack of paper.
  • Go to the document that you want to print and give Print.
  • Give the preference like the format, no. of copies and color
  • Now print the document.

Canon imageCLASS D1620 Duplex Print

  • Turn On the printer.
  • Fill the paper tray with some sheets of paper.
  • Go to the driver to set for duplex printing.
  • Set the Automatic Duplex printing option in the checkbox.
  • Give the required preferences like the layout, size, etc.
  • While performing duplex printing, the printing area may be narrower.
  • Select the required option from Use normal-size printing/Use reduced printing.
  • If you want to make it manual uncheck the Automatic option.
  • Now, print the document.

Canon imageCLASS D1620 How to Scan

  • Open the top lid of the Canon imageCLASS D1620 setup.
  • Place the originals that you want to scan.
  • Note that the page that you want to scan should be facing downwards.
  • Select Scan on the home screen.
  • If it asks for any login. Login with a valid username and password.
  • Select the computer if you want to connect it with the local machine.
  • Give your preferences in the scan basic feature screen.
  • Finally, give a scan.

Canon imageCLASS D1620 Reset Guidance

  • Power Off the printer that is connected with your device.
  • Press and hold the Stop attend for at least 3 seconds.
  • Press the On button on the printer and release the Stop button.
  • Hold on the On button and press the Stop button at the same time.
  • Now, release all the button and check out the LCD screen of the printer.
  • The LCD screen on the printer will turn On.
  • Turn Off the printer after a few minutes.
  • The reset is complete.

Canon imageCLASS D1620 Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

The process of finding issues and the set of ways to resolve it is known as Troubleshooting. The steps to fix any problem associated with the printer is given in the troubleshooting manual. You can get the troubleshooting manual either in the manual that comes with the printer or find it online. List of problem-solving ways is given to troubleshoot any error. If the problem still exists, contact the service team to sort it out.

If the printer is not printing the given document, follow the given steps below to resolve it.

  • Make sure that there is a stable connection.
  • If it is a wireless connection, ensure that there is a stable network connection is established.
  • Fill the input tray with the required set of paper.
  • If there is no required amount of paper, it cannot print.
  • If a Canon imageCLASS D1620 setup is not printing, check if any job is pending.
  • Free out the stagnant memory and free up some space for further printing storage.
  • Still, you cannot resolve this issue contact the service team for further clarification.

If you cannot scan documents from a printer, it may be because of lack of memory, pending jobs or some machine issues.

  • Power On the Canon imageCLASS D1620 setup and check if the connections are correctly made.
  • Delete the unwanted documents and free up space.
  • Check if there is any job pending.
  • Wait until the job gets complete.
  • If still you cannot scan, reduce the resolution of the document that you want to scan.
  • Now, give a Scan and check if the problem is resolved.

Following are the instructions that are given to resolve the paper jam in the printer. If there occurs any paper jam, you cannot print or scan.

  • Paper gets stuck inside the machine that may occur paper jam.
  • Stop the process whichever is running on the Canon imageCLASS D1620 setup.
  • Check If the jam is an input tray or output tray.
  • Remove the papers gently out of the printer.
  • Check if the print rollers have any piece of paper. If there is any, remove it properly.
  • Arrange the set of papers and insert it in the input tray.
  • Take a test print; if the problem continues, contact the service team.

If your printer is not printing wirelessly, Follow the steps given below to resolve this problem.

  • Check the connection of the printer with your device.
  • Check if the wireless LAN option is selected on the printer.
  • Make sure the router is switched On and connected properly.
  • Wait until a stable network connection is established.
  • Check for the required sheets in the input tray.
  • Give print and check if it is printing.

If the printer prints only blank pages, following are the steps that you have to follow to resolve this problem.

  • Turn on the Canon imageCLASS D1620 Setup on pressing the power button.
  • Open the cartridges slot and check if any cartridge is running out of ink.
  • If so, Replace the cartridge with a new one.
  • Check if the inserted set of paper is neat and unfolded.
  • Give print to the document and check if the problem is resolved.
  • Or it may be because of any fault while installing the driver.
  • If the problem continues, contact the support team.

If the Canon imageCLASS D1620 is not responding, follow the steps that are given below.

  • Turn On the printer.
  • Go to the control panel on the home screen.
  • Go to the device settings.
  • Click reset and give OK.
  • Now, the reset is done.
  • Check if there is any paper jam.
  • Check if the Color imageCLASS D1620 setup and the computer are connected correctly.
  • If the problem is still unresolved, contact the Service team.
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