Canon LBP6230DW Setup Guidance

Canon imageCLASS LBP6230dw is a wireless black & white laser printer which is best suited for personal printing and home office printing. Canon LBP6230DW Setup is a user-friendly printer that fits your desktop as it is compact in size.

Canon LBP6230DW Setup

How To Set Up Canon imageCLASS LBP6230dw Printer?

Canon LBP6230DW Setup Unboxing Guidance

Initial Steps for Canon LBP6230 Printer Unboxing

Insert one end of the electric cable into the printer and the other end to an electric socket. Turn the machine on and change the initial settings. Use the navigation buttons to set the language, date, and time. The following instructions will be displayed in the language you choose now. Specify the Operating System of your PC in the Print Device. Select the Date & time and click the OK button.

How To Load Paper in Canon LBP6230 Printer?

You can feed paper in both the multi-purpose tray and the manual feed slot. It is recommended to use the multi-purpose tray when you load paper in a large quantity. Avoid using curled or damp paper.

Loading Paper In The Multi-Purpose Tray

Make sure that you load paper in portrait orientation. Unlatch the multi-purpose tray. If it is already opened, then make sure you fold the tray cover. Widen the paper guides that are present inside the tray. Before loading the sheets, fan them well. and tap them on a plain surface to align the edges. Feed the paper in the Canon LBP6230DW Setup with the print side facing upwards. Remember not to load sheets above the required limit. Loading too many sheets may cause paper jams. Once you have placed them, press the paper guides towards the edges of the paper to secure them. Now fix the tray cover.

Loading Paper In The Manual Feed Slot

Load Paper in Manual Slot

How to Load Envelope?

Guide: Install Cartridge in LBP6230dw

How to Connect Printer to a Network?

You can connect the Canon LBP6230DW Setup to a network using Wireless or Wired LAN communication. You can have only one connection at a time. Select a method that suits your communication environment & devices. First, make sure you have configured the network settings on your computer.

How to Install Driver Software?

Guide: Canon LBP6230dw Print Setup

  • Select the Start button and open the PC’s Control Panel.
  • Choose the Hardware & Sound option.
  • Click the Devices & Printers icon.
  • Tap the Add a Printer option and select the CANON IMAGE CLASS LBP6230dw printer.

Guide: Printing Operations

Canon LBP6230DW Setup Troubleshooting Solution

Try printing a Windows test page to verify your connection. If you are not able to print a test page, then check whether your network connection is active. Wait until the printer resumes to print if you have recently done a print job. The printer may take some time to cool down. Check whether you have pulled the sealing tape of the toner cartridge out. If you haven’t, pull it out and place the cartridge back into the machine.

  • Make sure that the network signal is active.
  • Check if the network configuration has been completed on your PC.
  • Check whether all the cables of the wireless router are correctly plugged in.
  • Check if the wireless router is turned on.
  • Place the Canon LBP6230DW Setup and the router close enough.
  • Reset the LAN settings and check if the network is getting connected.
  • Try the following if an error message appears.
  • Check whether you have loaded the paper above the limit. Also, you should not leave the tray empty.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct page orientations.
  • Check if there are any network communication issues.
  • Examine whether there are any paper jams inside the machine.
  • Do not leave the top cover of the machine open.
  • Check whether the printer is connected to an unsupported port.
  • The file you print may contain a large amount of data. Click the Customise button to cancel the print job.

The Alarm indicator on the machine flashes if any paper jam occurs. The location of the paper jam is displayed in the Printer Status Window. If the jam occurs inside the Rear Cover, then open the printer’s rear cover and pull the paper outwards gently. Do not remove the paper forcibly. Once you remove the paper, close the Canon LBP6230DW Setup's rear cover. To remove a paper jam inside the top cover, pull the paper outward gently. Fold the tray cover when you have to remove the paper from the multi-purpose tray. Now close the auxiliary tray and then open the machine’s top cover. Take the toner cartridge out and gently pull the paper. Check if the paper is jammed inside the paper output guide. If so, then open the paper output guide. You need to hold the green button to pull the guide out. Gently pull the paper out and close the guide. Ensure that both sides of the guides are locked firmly. Place the toner cartridge back into the machine and close the printer’s top cover.

  • To access the machine remotely, open the Remote UI by specifying the machine’s IP address in your web browser. Before starting the Remote UI, check the IP address of your printer.
  • Open a web browser of your choice.
  • Enter the IP address of the printer in the address bar and press the Enter key.
  • Select the End User Mode or the System Manager Mode.
  • Click the Log In option. It directs you to the portal page of the Remote UI. Now you can start to access the printer.

If you want to check the print status, then select the Canon LBP6230DW Setup by clicking the Customise button in the system tray and select the Job Status option. The Print status gets displayed on the screen.

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