Complete Canon imageClass LBP612cdw Setup Guidance

Canon imageClass LBP612cdw Setup

How To Setup Canon Color ImageClass LBP612CDW Printer?

Canon imageClass LBP612cdw Unboxing Setting Up

Unpack the carton in which the printer is packed. Find the Getting Started guide inside the carton. It will be helpful to set up the printer for the first time. Also, see the important safety instructions before starting to set up the printer. Take the Canon imageClass LBP612cdw Setup out from the carton. Position the printer on a flat surface. Take out all the printer accessories shipped with the printer. Clear off all the packing materials and tapes from the printer. Do not remove the protective cover from the USB port until you plug the USB cable into the port.

Loading Paper Into The Paper Drawer

Drag out the input tray from the printer and adjust the paper guides to their farthest positions. Place a pile of paper on the input tray, and move the paper guides towards the paper until they rest on the sides of the pile. Check your printer specifications and load only the suggested number of paper into the input tray. Slowly move the input paper tray inside the printer.

Power Connection & Setting Up

Take the cord shipped along with the printer and connect it between the printer and the power outlet. Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the Canon machine. Choose the language, country or region, time zone, and date & time. After choosing all the preferences, tap Apply to apply all the preference changes.

How To Install Toner Cartridge In Canon imageClass LBP612cdw?

Remove the packing tab from the flat surface of the cartridge cover and open the cover. Pull the toner cartridge from the package. Shake the toner cartridge well to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge. Be attentive not to touch the bottom surface of the toner cartridge because it may affect the print quality. Open the cartridge access door and pull out the toner cart. Each cartridge has a separate slot in the toner cartridge cart. Each tray is indicated with a corresponding color label. Place the toner cartridge into the slot by matching the corresponding color label. The bottom surface of the cartridge is exposed; therefore, do not exert any force against the slot frame when placing the cartridge into the slot. Ensure the toner cartridge is appropriately placed. Install the other toner cartridges in the same way, propel the toner cartridge into the Canon imageClass LBP612cdw Setup, and then close the cartridge access door. Immediately after closing the cartridge door, the quick adjustment process starts.

Guide: Network Setup And Driver Installation

After setting up the printer hardware, connect your printer to a wired or wireless network. Once you configured the network settings on your Canon imageClass LBP612cdw setup, browse the Manufacturer’s site. Download the print driver, firmware, and other software that supports your printer model. Install the downloaded software and then try using your Canon product.

How To Setup Wired Connection On Color ImageCLASS LBP612Cdw Printer?

Wired Network settings is a standard for transferring the data from a Local Area Network (LAN) to a device. In this wired network settings, you can use your Canon machine without changing any defaults. Also, you can change the network settings in a way that suits your network environment.

Canon Color imageClass LBP612cdw Printer Wired Setup

Steps To Configure Ethernet Network Settings

How To Do Wireless Network Connection On Your Color imageCLASS LBP612Cdw Printer?

In a Wireless Network Connection, your Canon imageClass LBP612cdw Setup and computer are in connection with a LAN network through radio waves. If your network router is equipped with the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) feature, configuring the wireless network connection is easy and automatic. If the WPS button is not available on your router, an automatic configuration may not support your device. In such instances, you have to specify the detailed encryption and authentication settings to set the network connection manually.

Setting Up Network Connection Using WPS Push Button Method

WPS Push Button Method Guide

Setting Up Network Connection Using WPS PIN Code Method

If your network router does not support WPS Push button, then use the WPS PIN code method to connect the printer to the router’s network. Know the IP address of your router. The IP address is at the bottom or back of your router. If you do not know the IP address of your router, contact the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Setting Up A Connection By Choosing A Wireless Router

If you have protected your wireless router network with an SSID and network key, then you can directly connect your Canon machine to the router network. To connect the Canon machine to the network, follow the simple procedure given below:

How To Download And Install Drivers For Canon imageClass LBP612cdw Setup?

Drivers are software that is essential to convert the data format of a file stored on your computer, laptop, or any smart devices to a format that the printer can understand and print the document. Follow the below steps to download the driver software and install it on your computer.

How To Set Up System Manager ID And PIN In Color ImageCLASS LBP612Cdw Printer?

How To Start Remote UI For Color ImageCLASS LBP612Cdw Printer?

How To Print A Document From A Computer Using Color ImageCLASS LBP612Cdw Printer?

How To Check Print Statuses And Logs In Color ImageCLASS LBP612Cdw Printer?

When the printer is printing more number of documents, check the print status and logs by following the below procedure:

  • Tap Status Monitor.
  • Select Print Job.
  • Tap Print Job Status to view the job status.
  • Choose the specific document whose status you need to check and view the detailed information about the document.
  • Press Print Job Log to view the job log.
  • Select a document name and view the detailed job log.

How To Receive Internet Faxes For Printing On Color ImageCLASS LBP612Cdw Printer?

Internet Fax (I-fax) is a function that attaches the file as a TIFF image to an email message and shares it. In the Canon imageCLASS LBP612Cdw setup, we can receive Internet faxes both automatically and manually. Find some simple steps below to configure the I-fax RX settings.

To receive the I-Fax manually, press the Status Monitor option. Select the RX Job option and then tap Check I-Fax RX. Now the printer connects to the POP3 server. It checks for any fax messages on the server and starts printing if any document is found on the server.

How To Link Color ImageCLASS LBP612Cdw Printer With Mobile Devices?

You can easily link your Canon imageClass LBP612cdw Setup to mobiles devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones and then perform printing or other operation. Various methods to connect the Canon machine with mobile devices are


How To Connect Canon Printer With Mobile Devices?

How To Connect Canon Printer To Android Phone Using The NFC?

How To Print Using Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print service allows the user to print from a smartphone, computer, or tablet. The essential things to use the Google Cloud Print service is to have a Google account and an active internet connection. Google Cloud Print does not need a print driver.

How To Print On Canon Printer Using AirPrint?

To print using the AirPrint feature on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac, you need to configure the AirPrint settings first and then only you can print using AirPrint.

Canon 612cdw Airprint Setup Guide
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