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If you have bought a new Canon printer, you get the first-time setup instructions with us. Your device was working fine but not now; we help get the Canon printer back to its normal function. We assist you in choosing the best network connection method depending on the feasibility. Finally, you get solutions for the following when you deal with your Canon printer - Canon Printer Support.

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How To Perform Hardware Setup Of A Canon Printer For The First Time?


  • Cut the tape on the printer box by tilting it.
  • Take the ink cartridges out of the box and keep it aside.
  • If you have bought an ink tank printer, it comes built-in and cannot be removed.
  • Canon printers contain a minimum of four ink cartridges a maximum of six.
  • Look for the covers and tapes on the printer and remove them when you find any.

Connecting the Power Cable

  • Insert the plug-end into a direct electrical outlet on a wall or any stable area.

Setting up Date/Time/Country

  • Once the printer comes to the steady state, navigate to the Menu on its control panel.
  • Slide down the screen until you find the Preferences tab to set the date, time and country.
  • After you set the date, tap OK and scroll down to set the time and country as well.
  • Press OK to confirm after setting up each preference.

Loading Paper

A few printers may have the input tray on the front side and a few on its rear. To load the paper, open the input tray and insert it. Align the edges of the paper along with the width-guides aligned.

Installing the ink cartridges

  • Canon Printer Support - Read the user manual provided for your Canon printer to locate the ink cartridge access door.
  • In most of the Canon printers, cartridges are present below the scanner area.
  • Lift the scanner cover and access the ink cartridge area.
  • After the carriage aligns and positions itself, open the latch of the ink cartridge.
  • There must be a tape stuck on each ink cartridge for protection.
  • Remove the tape and insert it the cartridges into the respective slots provided.
  • Wait till the printer delivers an alignment page by itself.

The next step is to download and install the printer software depending on the operating system compatibility.

Canon Printer unboxing Steps

How To Download Canon Printer Driver?

Canon Printer Support - Based on the computer operating system, you can download the driver directly with the link that we have provided below. The driver is customizable based on your printing need. It is a complete package that contains many software applications for printing, scanning, auto-driver installation and many more. There are several utility tools available along with the driver that helps you troubleshoot many problems with your Canon printer. Click the driver download button as per the computer OS and get the driver.

How To Install The Canon Printer Driver For Windows And Mac?

The driver provided here is a generic one and provides access to do the basic functionality of your printer. If you require software and utility tools, go to the respective printer model page and then avail it.

MP Driver (Windows)

  • If you have the installation CD, follow the procedure below else, extract the file downloaded from our website and follow the on-screen instructions that display.
  • Before you proceed with the software installation, power off your Canon printer.
  • Power on your Windows computer and insert the installer CD into it.
  • "Click" Run "Msetup4.exe" if you see the AutoPlay screen on your computer.
  • "Click" on Continue on the next screen that displays.
  • On the next box, click on Easy Install and when you see a list of contents on the window, confirm that you have all that you need for the printer, and then click on Install.
  • Go through the terms and conditions screen carefully and when the Setup method screen appears, choose USB as the connection type and connect the USB cable from the printer and the computer.
  • Turn your Canon printer on and wait for the setup to complete.
  • If the user registration screen appears, click Next and provide the required details and finally, click on Finish to complete the installation.

CUPS Driver (Mac)

  • The "latest" Macintosh computers do not support CD drive and include the Canon printer driver.
  • If your Mac computer has a DVD drive, but the CUPS driver file is not auto-populated, then insert the CD and follow these steps.
  • To "install" the CUPS driver on the Mac computer, open the Applications folder from the Mac Finder.
  • Double-click to open the Utilities folder under Applications and double-click on the Disk file.
  • Now, on the menu bar, click the File tab and click on Open Disk Image.
  • It will let you choose the disk file that you want to install.
  • "Choose" the ISO disk image file and click on it to select.
  • Click the Open button and the software installation package is placed on your Mac desktop.
  • Look for a .dmg file (CUPS driver) on the contents and double-click on it to run the installation wizard.

How To Use Canon Printer?

Canon Printer Support - Canon has a wide range of printers to choose from. If you buy a printer, you can do a quick print, copy, scan, or fax. Also, you can print from your mobile phones irrespective of any OS, supported by a few mobile printing applications of the Canon printer. Here, you get all instructions and solutions related to your Canon printer in common.

How To Print Documents or Photos using The Canon Printer?

How to Print Documents from Canon Printer

How To Scan From The Canon Printer?

How To Set Up A Fax From Canon Printer?

  • Turn on your Canon printer and tap the Setup button on its control panel.
  • Use the left or right arrow symbols to choose Fax settings and then press the OK button.
  • Use the left or right arrow symbols to choose Fax settings and then press the OK button.
  • Select Telephone line type and tap the OK button.
  • Now press the Fax button to get back to the Fax standby screen.

How To Send A Fax Using The Canon Printer?

How to Send Fax on Canon Printer

Steps to Perform Duplex Copy on Canon Printer

How To Connect The Canon Printer To Wi-Fi?

If you are a Windows user, utilize the software CD provided along with your printer to install the driver. Mac users can download the driver from our website and follow the on-screen prompts of the installer.


  • Canon Printer Support for Wireless connection on Windows. Insert the CD into the system’s DVD/CD drive and wait for the start-up screen to appear.
  • Click on Next and then check whether your Canon printer is active
  • Make sure that the power light is stable and then click on Next on the screen that appears.
  • Click the Connect to the network tab and then click Cableless Setup on the following screen.
  • When you are on the Cableless Setup screen, press and hold the printer’s Wi-Fi button until the orange light flashes twice.
  • Now, release the button after the light flashes for the second time.
  • Observe if the Wi-Fi’s blue lamp is flashing quickly and the Power lamp, which is green is solid.
  • Click on Next in the following screens and when a screen appears to select your region, choose the respective one, and then click on Next.
  • Similarly, select the place of residence and again click on Next.
  • When the Software Installation list screen appears, choose the .exe file or MP Drivers as how it displays.
  • Click on Next in the next two windows that appear and then click Complete, which completes the Cableless Setup procedure.
Canon Printer Wireless Connection


  • After you download the driver, click on it from the browser’s downloads utility so that it begins the extraction process.
  • The installer prompts you to provide the password to install the helper tool. After entering the password, click on Install Helper.
  • If you find screens that have the Next option, click on it and wait for the Connection Method Selection screen to appear.
  • Now, click the Wireless Connection tab and in the meantime, check if your printer has been turned on and the power light seems stable.
  • Click on Next wherever required and click on Connect to Network, and then click Start Again.
  • Choose Cableless Setup in the next screen and when the related screen appears on your Mac, press the Wi-Fi symbol on your printer and hold it till the orange light blinks two times.
  • Release the button the second time it flashes & check whether the Wi-Fi light(blue) flashes immediately. The Power light is also lit, click on Next.
  • By clicking on Next takes you to the software installation List screen on Mac.
  • Select the files for installation (.dmg) and click Yes on the end user license agreement screen.
  • Click on Add a Printer, then select the Canon IJ Network driver version, and again, click Add.
  • Finally, click Next to complete the wireless setup on Mac.
Canon Printer Wireless Connection for Mac

Where Is The WPS Button On The Canon Printer?

Wi-Fi-Protected Setup (WPS) is used to connect your printer wirelessly to a router. In some Canon printers, WPS is available as an option under the Wireless Setup menu on the control panel. Here are the steps to connect printer to router via WPS button.

How to Perform Print Function Easily From Mobile?

If you want to print from your mobile on the go, then use the applications such as AirPrint, Chorme OS, Canon PRINT/Inkjet Selphy, Canon Easy Photo print, and more that supports your Android or iOS devices. You can refer to the solutions below and connect your printer wirelessly.

Steps: AirPrint Setup

Steps: AirPrint Setup

How To Register Canon Printer To Google Cloud Print?

How To Print From Phone?

Canon printer support instructions provided under this section guides you on how to print from your Android or iOS device by adding your printer to the supporting apps.

How To Print From Android Phone?

  • Download the Canon PRINT Inkjet/Selphy app from Google Play Store.
  • Search Google Play Store with the Canon mobile printing app and it displays a set of applications for both printing and scanning.
  • Tap Canon PRINT Inkjet/Selphy and install it on your mobile.
  • This app automatically finds the printer if connected to the network.
  • Open the document or photo to print and tap the Print option, and then press OK to print.

How To Print From iOS Device?

  • Download the Canon Easy Photo print app from the manufacturer’s website or install it from the Apple iStore app.
  • Open the app and tap the photo or document that you wish to print.
  • The app automatically recognizes the printer connected to the wireless network.
  • Now, tap Print and align the required settings, and then tap OK.
  • The printer will now produce the required output.

Canon Printer Support For Troubleshooting

Canon printers are exceptionally efficient and yield the required output for any kind of print job. At times, you may have a hard time with your Canon printer.

You may face issues with printing or even turning on the printer. But, thankfully, we have a set of guidelines to follow to overcome such issues. In the following sections, we have discussed some of the common problems that arise on a Canon printer and simple troubleshooting steps to resolve them.

Why Does The Canon Printer Go Offline?

Why Won’t Canon Printer Scan?

Why Is My Canon Printer In An Error State?

  • This kind of issue occurs mostly in Windows 10 computers. The preferred solution for this would be restarting both the Canon printer and the Windows computer.
  • Verify the cable connection between the printer and computer and has formed a strong network connection.
  • Also, check whether the printer cover is not open and there is no paper jam occurred too.
  • Try this solution when your printer shows an error state.
  • Open Device Manager on your computer’s control panel.
  • Display the View menu and choose Show hidden devices.
  • Expand the ports and then under the Printer Port, select Properties.
  • Click the Port Settings tab and choose Use any interrupt assigned to the port.
  • Now click on OK to save the changes made and then reboot your system.

Why Canon Printer Is Not Connecting To Wi-Fi?

  • Before you try with the next steps in this section, ensure that there is no issue in your Internet connection.
  • To observe the printer’s network connection status, print a LAN test page.
  • Tap the Setup icon on the printer’s Home Screen.
  • Choose Device Settings and press the OK button.
  • Select the LAN settings with the navigation keys (up or down arrow) and then press the OK button.
  • Now with the same keys, tap Print LAN details and touch the OK button to confirm your selection.
  • Again, press OK to print the page.
  • The page will show the signal strength and connection quality. If there is a drop in the signal quality, then check the frequency that is supported by the printer and the same has been provided in the settings.
  • If the connection quality is poor, then re-establishing the network should help.

Why Is Canon Printer Not Working?

  • Canon Printer Support Solution for not working issue. If you have already installed other printers on your computer and you are trying to print from your Canon printer, it may clash and do not recognize your printer.
  • So, delete the other printers from the network and re-add your Canon printer.
  • If there is a network communication error, even when the printer does not work.
  • If there is a flashing light on your printer, then until you rectify it, the printer may not work.
  • Also, check if the printer’s power cord has been connected to a surge protector instead of a direct wall outlet.

Why Is The Canon Printer Not Responding?

  • If your Canon printer suddenly goes unresponsive, then the immediate solution will be restarting it.
  • Turn off the entire printing system and give a leisure period of 2 to 3 minutes and then turn it on.
  • Sometimes, if the signal strength is not up to the mark, then your printer may not respond.
  • Power off and power on the router with an interim gap and check if you can do something with your printer.
  • If there is an IP conflict, then that can also be a reason for the printer not responding problem.

Why Canon Printer Prints Blank Pages Only?

If the printer has been utilized on a long run without proper maintenance, then the printhead may not support in printing properly. At that point, your printer may print blank pages and requires cleaning. Access the Devices and Printers window on your computer’s control panel. Locate your printer name and right-click on it to choose Properties. Now, click on Preferences under Device Settings. In the Preferences window, click on Services and then choose Clean Printhead. Repeat the process multiple times so that the printhead is cleaned completely. After cleaning the printhead, try to print and see if the printer works properly.

Why Canon Printer Won’t Print?

Canon Printer Support for FAQ

Frequently Asked Question

Doing a factory reset ensures that your Canon printer is free from errors and other problems. It is quite simple too.

  • Ensure that your Canon printer is turned on.
  • Press the Menu option on your printer and with the navigational arrow keys, tap the Setup menu.
  • Now go to Device Settings and then press OK.
  • Tap the Reset Settings option and press OK to begin the reset process.

Canon Printer Support - If there is a problem with the print-quality produced by the Canon printer, then you must clean the ink cartridges attached to it. Remove the ink cartridges from the related slots and take the printhead out. Immerse a sponge in the rubbing alcohol and clean the printhead contacts carefully. If you find excess ink on the nozzles, wipe it off. Place the printhead and the cartridges back into place. Give a print to check if the excess ink has been removed and the print quality is clear.

There can be many problems encountered by your Canon printer and the solutions for those problems may vary. Hence, categorizing a few common problems of the printer, we have provided solutions below by listing them down. The procedures or conditions mentioned under each problem are the same, but the options alone may vary based on your printer model and the computer operating system.

  • Turn off your Canon printer and locate the Cancel or Reset button, which should be on the top right corner.
  • Hold down the located button with one finger and the Power button with another finger.
  • Release both the buttons and press twice again one after the other.
  • If the Copy button is flashing, let it stop and go green stably.
  • Now press the Cancel or Reset button five times and the Power button only once.
  • Again, press the Cancel or Reset button with the number of times that you require to choose the country code. For the USA, you must press it three times.
  • Press the Power button again to accept the setting change that you made.
  • Turn off the printer finally, with the Power button.
  • Now, the preferences would have been changed according to your current location.
  • Generally, the location should be changed in your printer when you move to a different place and want to replace the compatible ink cartridges.

Wired to Wireless

  • Your printer has currently set using an Ethernet connection, then these steps can help you change it to wireless.
  • The time consumed on converting is less as well.
  • Unplug the Ethernet cable connected to your Canon printer.
  • If you have downloaded the complete driver package, then you should have the Wireless Utility tool.
  • Before you run the Utility tool, enable the Wireless capability on your printer first.
  • Follow the instructions on the tool and establish the network.
  • Add the printer to the network with the plus symbol and then install the printer on other computers if required.

USB to wireless

  • e you attempt to change the USB connected printer to wireless, ensure that you have a proper internet connection and the computer should be connected to the network. If your printer and computer are already connected using a USB cable, disconnect it before the changing process.
  • Tap the Wireless icon on your printer and activate the setup wizard.
  • Follow the prompts of the wizard and establish the wireless connection on the printer.
  • Now, install the software using the installation CD.
  • Insert the CD into the disc drive of your Windows computer.
  • Click on the Run Msetup4.exe file from the AutoPlay screen and then click Yes or Continue on the further screen that displays.
  • Again, click on Yes and then click Change Connection method.
  • Follow the prompts and click Next, and then click on Complete.
  • Now again, click on Next and then Exit.
  • Canon Printer Support for Printhead Cleaning. Firstly, open the printer setup window from the computer’s control panel.
  • On the control panel, click Hardware and Sound and then Printers.
  • The option names may change depending on the OS version that you have.
  • When you see your printer name displayed, right-click on it and choose Printing Preferences.
  • Now, this opens the Printer setup window. Also, ensure that your printing machine is turned on.
  • Click Cleaning under the Maintenance tab and then click Execute.
  • When the cleaning is complete, the computer displays the Nozzle Check dialog box.

You should not use an HP ink cartridge in the Canon printer and vice-versa. The cartridge contacts are meant for the supporting printheads of a specific printer. Moreover, the ink quality produced by various printer manufacturers may vary. Some Canon printers do not contain printheads and most of the HP Printers contain ink cartridges and printheads. Practically, mismatch can happen if you use other cartridges in your printer

  • Any printer cartridge is refillable, but it is not recommended as you may experience a problem with the print quality. To refill an ink cartridge, follow the steps provided below.
  • Check whether the cartridge you are trying to refill is empty.
  • Remove the ink cartridge from the Canon printer.
  • Purchase an ink refill kit from an Ink Supply Store.
  • Obtain a 30cc syringe along with a needle, a thumb drill and ink to refill the cartridge.
  • Keep the ink container on paper towels to clear the ink leakage if any.
  • Choose the ink color that you wish to refill into the respective cartridge.
  • Insert the needle to pull ink from the container.
  • Locate the hole on the sponge area of the cartridge.
  • Cover the exit hole with tape to avoid ink leakage after you complete refilling.
  • Put a small hole in the ink cartridge with a thumb drill just behind the ink cartridge label.
  • Push the ink inside the hole that you made on the ink cartridge carefully.
  • Take the needle out of the cartridge and the container, and then place the top back on the ink so that it does not spill.
  • Remove the tape covering the sponge area and then reinstall the ink cartridges.
  • Power on your Canon printer before you proceed with the ink cartridge replacement process.
  • Unlock the front door or the scanner lid of your printer, which varies depending on the model.
  • Pull the output tray cover and now, the FINE cartridge moves and gets ready for replacement.
  • Push the empty FINE cartridge down until you hear a click sound and remove it.
  • Take the new FINE cartridge from its package and peel the protective tape stuck on it.
  • Insert it into the slot at a leaning position and push the FINE cartridge until it locks into place.
  • Now, close the FINE cartridge cover and the replacement procedure is complete.
  • Canon Printer Support for Ink Cartridge Reset. Turn off your Canon printer and press the Power button along with the Stop button.
  • Now, release the Stop button and keep holding the Power button.
  • Again, press the Stop button twice and wait till the printer displays the symbol O.
  • Press the Stop button four times again and then the Power button twice.
  • Now turn off your printer using the Power button which completes the reset process.
  • Disable the printer’s power and USB connection and open the ink cartridge door.
  • Make sure that the Power button is pressed on while you do this process.
  • Now reconnect the cables back into the printer with the Power button held in the same position.
  • Close the cartridge access door and then stop holding the Power button. Now the printer’s ink cartridges should be reset.
  • For, more canon Printer Support Contact our experts.
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